Winter Tree Care – Yes We Can!

February 17, 2016
by Lori Hewitt
  • Winter Tree Care from 3D of Longmont, Colorado

Here in sunny Colorado – and particularly Longmont, with our 300 days of sunshine – we can provide winter tree care that will ensure that come Spring, your yard is in great shape and your trees are ready to sprout healthy leaves all summer.

If you have a dead tree that will become a hazard, this is the perfect time to remove it for a couple of reasons. It takes some seriously heavy equipment to remove a tree – and if you’ve been watering your yard for a couple of months, you can imagine the tire tracks. We take great pains to leave no trace, but big tree = big truck!

So the frozen waste that is your current yard can be a much more conducive environment: and our winter tree care service has another big advantage when it comes to maintaining the beautiful garden you cherish. Falling branches crush plants, bushes, and landscaping features – so before the wind picks up (apparently Lyons got hit with some 78mph gusts last week, and it’s not even Spring yet!) it’s well worth a little winter tree care to keep the warmer months maintenance-free.

Of course, you might wonder how to tell if a branch is actually alive or dead during the winter. An experienced and qualified ISA Certified Arborist is trained to tell the difference.  One way to tell the difference between a dead branch and a live one is that the dead branch will break easier than the live one; the live one is much more pliable. Believe it or not, we can even tell by looking for buds on the branches. Our arborists have years of experience looking for signs of living buds, that will be ready to burst come springtime.

Another advantage to winter tree care is that trimming the branches gives the experienced arborist a chance to see to see the structure of the trees and shrubs without all the leaves. This is the perfect time to correct any storm damage that may have occurred and to ensure that the tree continues to grow in a healthy and strong fashion.

Finally, here’s a big advantage that a lot of people miss: scheduling.

Since many people aren’t aware the winter tree care is possible, they wait until Spring to book an appointment.

But during the warmer months we can be booked out 4-8 weeks – just like everyone else in Longmont – and that can cause frustration for the homeowner or diligent renter. During the winter you’re much more likely able to have your tree work performed swiftly… barring Mother Nature’s snowy intervention!

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